Two Becoming Three

Sat in a town in West Wales, an engaged couple sat watching Top Gear …

Blah blah blah.

This isn’t a story … well, not fiction anyways … it’s my story of life, pregnancy, weddings and hopefully parenthood!!

I can’t tell you about how we met, neither of us really know. We think we’ve known another for over 10 years though. We tried dating whole he was in university but it never really went anywhere. About 5 years after I sent him a dodgy Valentine’s day card … something along the lines of “I’ll show you mind if you show me yours”. 

I know … so romantic right?! Bit it worked! A week later we met up and things went from there. 

A year after I moved 60 miles away to live with him, started my new job the week after. 

So here we are today. Four years after getting together, three years after moving in together, nine months after getting engaged, and ten months and counting trying for a baby.

Ten …long…boring…months. I know what you’re thinking , ‘bet it’s fun trying though’ and yeah, you are right! But when everyone around you is pregnant or posting hundreds of photos of their little bundle of joy on social media it makes you a bit …suppose the word is frustrated.

So this is where we are. Planning a wedding, trying for a baby and trying to loose weight for both!

I’ll post updates, photos, recipes and would any comments, tips and ideas so please feel free to leave them! 

Catch up soon! X


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