Time to ask for help

We had both been talking recently that time was getting on, and there was still no bump or baby to be seen so decided to go see our GP.

We went Friday afternoon. We were so nervous, had no idea what to expect either. I think I was expecting the “just keep at it, things will happen in the end” with a tap on the head and shown the door. 

I was so wrong! Our GP was lovely, asked us both a load of questions about things that could prove to be problems and now I’m off to have a LOAD of blood tests done on Monday. 

It was good timing going Friday, blood tests need to be done around day 21 (I think it was 21 anyways) of your cycle so I only have the weekend to wait. Would have driven me mad if I had to wait a long time, would have wanted to get it over and done with. 

I’m normally a bit of a nightmare to get blood out of so I’m sure the phlebotonist will have fun with me! 😉

I’ll let you know x


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