I love to find out the meanings of medical words ..

Phlebotomy is made up of Greek words… phlebo means “pertaining to a blood vessel” and tomia means “cutting of” ☺

Anyways, as you’ve probably guessed I was able to get my bloods done today. B picked me up from work, a mad rush and got there with only three people in front of me. Thankful we got there when we did, the waiting room was full by the time I went in. 

Three vials later and job was done, wasn’t in there 2 minutes! 

You know what the worst bit was?

Ripping the bloody plastic surgical tape off after!! My word! I had to get B to pull it off for me 😂

Our GP wants B to have some tests done too which he’s planning to do this week. 

So now the wait begins. Feel so nervous now, more worried now the tests have begun! Better get nagging for him to get on with them 😉 


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